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Noah Paessel


“My recent work Synthetic Photography is an exploration of the boundaries of photography and sculpture. I create three dimensional forms and spaces in software, and then capture these scenes with virtual photographic equipment. By alternately hiding and revealing my subjects with soft focus and rich textures, I ask my viewers to be collaborators in the discovery of these non-existent forms. It is my hope that they will appear simultaneously familiar, and yet completely alien. Over the course of my career, I have been a student of photography, sculpture, and software engineering.  This work happens at the intersection of these disciplines, and brings me great joy. The completed works are limited edition prints, or mixed media collages from the resultant bits and bytes.”


Noah Paessel received a BFA from MassArt in 1992, and a SM from MIT in 2005.  His works in diverse media have been exhibited at venues including the ICA in Boston. Currently Noah is working on Synthetic Photographs that explore the intersection of software, photography, and sculpture.  He works from home in Carver, Massachusetts.