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Noah Paessel

Creative genius. Software developer. Scaredy-pants entrepreneur. Crafty daydreamer. Haggard parent.


For the last 8 years I have been happily employed as a software developer at The Concord Consortium making free software for middle and high school students. Our projects support inquiry based learning in science. If you are a science teacher you should check out our resources. The development team at Concord uses agile processes and develops software in many languages. Most of our software, simulations, and tools are delivered to the browser using technologies like Ember, React, and D3. I am also a lecturer at Northeastern University's program in Information Design and Visualization

Before workking at concord I was one of the founders of SNiF Labs, makers of the SNiF Tag. That company is now owned by GeneralSensing.


I have maintained an interest in contemporary art since attending MassArt in 1988. Back then I created site-specific building-scale sculptural installations. These installations were often covert. Fake walls were erected without permission. New wires were strung. I exhibited at the ICA. No one was hurt.

These days I produce two-dimensional works using custom software and Blender to create Synthetic Photographs.