Noah Paessel
16 Juggler Meadow Rd.Leverett, MA. 01054
phone 617-792-3333


2005Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridge, MA

S.M.Media Arts and Science.
Thesis: Interaction harvesting for document retrieval. Advisor: Jon Maeda
Readers: Deb Roy, Walter Bender

1998Harvard University School of Continuing EdCambridge, MA

CoursesObject Oriented Programming I and II, Henry Leitner.

1992Massachusetts College of Art and DesignBoston, MA

B.F.A.Graduated with highest departmental honors, Sculpture Department.


2008 – PresentSr. Software EngineerThe Concord ConsortiumConcord, MA

I work with educators and researchers designing and testing educational tools primarily for middle school science. My job is to understand the research objectives and create suitable software tools. I produce wireframes and mockups, manage contractors, conduct code reviews, manage build and deployment process, and write code.
  • SmartGraphsHelps students learn about graphs and the concepts represented in graphs by interacting with them. Hints and scaffolds — such as visually highlighting portions of graphs, stepping students through calculations of slope — are used only when needed.
  • Sage ModelerA free, web-based systems dynamics modeling tool for middle and high school students to construct dynamic models in the style of Stella, or Vensim.
  • GeoCode ExplorerA programming environment that challenges students to model tephra impact by applying the practices utilized by volcanologists. We integrated Blockly into a simulation environment that includes a tephra distribution model and added a suite of custom blocks that provide access to data, graphs, charts, and maps.

2016 – 2018Adjunct LecturerNortheastern UniversityBoston, MA

I taught several courses to graduate students at Northeastern Universities College of Arts, Media, and Design. The Department of Information Design and Visualization focuses on the analytical and visual communication of information. The graduate students I worked with had formal design training, but needed guidance around data practices and technology. These were studio classes, where the students focused on developing capstone portfolio work.

2005 – 2008Chief Executive & FounderSNIF LabsBoston, MA

I founded and grew a product development company that raised $3.5M from investors to design and build a revolutionary consumer product. The product went to market and was put it in the hands of customers in just three years. I grew and inspired a team of fifteen employees, and managed investor expectations. I reduced overhead costs by outsourcing well-specified tasks to consultants and contractors as appropriate. I worked with the technology team to create a performant and scalable software stack for real-time sensor networks.

2000 – 2003Systems ProgrammerMIT Media LabCambridge, MA

I worked with faculty and staff to design and develop custom software solutions to increase the efficiency of internal university processes. Specific projects included:
  • Info-BaublesRemote wireless display kiosks used to display news and information across the laboratory gathered by harvesting data from a multitude of remote heterogeneous sources.
  • Machine Database (MDB)A web based database and editor, that tracked and recorded DNS names, running services, IP addresses, maintenance logs, and other information for computers running on the MediaLab networks.
  • PDF ServiceA servlet written in java, that gathered information from Domino, SQL or XML sources, applied XLT translation rules, and then rendered attractive PDF publications suitable for releasing to laboratory research sponsors.

1998 – 2000Software EngineerThe Concord ConsortiumConcord, MA

I designed and built software tools for middle school and high school students. My responsibilities included identifying tools to support science learning goals, researching existing tools, and designing new tools. I wrote many such programs including:
  • What if BuilderNon-linear scenario planner and decision making tool. Think of it as a tool for writing multiple outcome fiction, as in the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series.
  • Community DesignerA map creation tool for children; a simplified GIS system.
  • Ecological Footprint CalculatorA tool for calculating and visualizaing personal resource consumption.

1995 – 1998Systems AdministratorThe Concord ConsortiumConcord, MA

I supported 30 full-time staff in a mixed architecture LAN, and many hundreds of online course participants remotely. I designed, implemented, and maintained custom databases and internet applications in support of collaborative learning environments. I built the company's local area network, with a shared 1Mb gateway to the internet, and a wireless bridge for connecting three office buildings..

1992 – 1996Vice President of OperationsTechnoFrolicsSomerville, MA

I designed circuit boards using ORCAD software, and managed the electronics fabrication process. I researched hardware components and component suppliers. I developed software interfaces built in Fourth to control custom electronics from standard i386 hardware. I designed custom displays and electronic enclosures using AutoCAD, and fabricated them using wood, plastic, and aluminum. I produced drawings for the company's patents.


2018Visualizing Geohazards and Risk with Code (GeoCode)

Co-Principal Investigator on $1.9M National Science Foundation award DRL-1841928, 'Integrating Transdisciplinary and Computational Approaches in the Earth Science Curriculum Using Data Visualizations.'

2005MIT Steven R. Holtzman Fellowship for Digital Expression


Awared $3K from the MIT Council For the Arts, to install s site-specific sculptural installation. I created a soap bubble machine powered by enormous building exhaust fans, drawing viewers attention to building-scale respiratory systems.


I am a 'full-stack' engineer, which means I am fluent in many web technologies and related programming languages. Most recently, I have been using React, TypeScript, Javascript, Ruby, and Python. I have experience using many compiled languages too, including Java, C#, and Objective C. I practice agile software development and enjoy writing automated tests. I typically use git and AWS for code deployment. If you have specific technology requirements, please let me know.