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Noah Paessel

Animation nodes homework

I have been following the YouTube Blender video tutorials of Zach Hixson about Jacques Lucke's animation nodes Animation nodes is an amazing tool and Zach explains things well. I encourage people to check out all of this.

This week's tutorial by Zach encouraged his followers to reproduce a flipping tile animation using the vector distance node. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to post video responses on YouTube, so I am posting my homework here.

Here is the finished animation in low resolution animated gif format:

flipping tiles gif
Blender Blocks image

I hadn't made an animated gif in so long, I had to look around for tools. I found GIF Brewery 3 to be a great free tool. Available in the Apple App store for Mac OS.

Here is the animation nodes setup:

node setup
Blender Blocks image

If you want a closer look at the node setup, this link will open the full size image in a new window.