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Noah Paessel

★ Middleman as a blogging platform ★

Knowuh's twitch: Dec 10 2013

Middleman is a great Ruby based static site generator. If you have any familiarity with Sinatra or Rails, you will feel right at home with Middleman.

Out of the box, its just a static site generator. There are many static site generators like:

I have been using middleman for a while to build prototypes and toys, and I think its the hotness. Its fast, clean, simple, and supports the markup systems I most use:

It also has support for blogging, which is fantastic.

So this morning I decided that I would be happier rolling my own blog using middleman instead of continuing to use wordpress.

I keep it versioned using Git, and update my site with a simple rsync alias, so publishing is basically a a few keystrokes away.

2014-01-28 Update:

To try to reduce the friction of writing and publishing, I just created a few Automator workflows with key bindings to turn selected text and images into blog entries. Hopefully there will be more posts from me as a result.