I go through phases where I just can’t bear to imagine another meal, cook it, and then…eat it. I know, I really am a wimp sometimes. Anyway, when I find something that works and is delicious I’ve gotten better about writing the recipes down. Here is tonight’s dinner for 2 with enough for Ada to pick at.
1 lb.  wild salmon, cut into two pieces
1 leek sliced super thinly I use the entire thing because it is YUMMY

3 Tbs. chopped olives (I used kalamata olives)

salt n pepper
1 tsp. olive oil

1 Tbs. Boursin

First: Preheat the oven and a baking sheet to 400.

Then: Cut two pieces of parchment paper about 16 inches long. Fold in half. Now pile half the leeks “below the fold” on each piece of parchment paper. Rinse the salmon, pat dry, sprinkle a little salt and pepper and drizzle the olive oil over it. Place the salmon on top of the leeks. Crumble the boursin and scatter over the salmon. Top with the olives and you are ready to go.

Fold the parchment into packets. Roll the edges to create a seal (you are trying to preserve the steam that will ultimately cook everything) they usually look like half moons when I am done.

Put your packets in the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes. Open your packet to check that the fish is completely cooked before serving everyone’s meal. mmmm, delicious!

This is a super quick meal with sides of cous cous for everyone. I am a notorious recipe hacker so experiment with the vegs and herbs and type of fish. Make sure that everything will cook fairly quickly so shredding vegetables or parboiling them first will help. I’ve heard this type of dish recommended for picnics because it keeps the food hot and for fancy meals because the presentation is so fun.

Well, enjoy your supper.

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Congratulations Claudia! Noah, Ada and I wish that we could be a part of your grand celebration today. For those of you who do not yet know Claudia, she has been a part of our family for years (thanks for picking a great girl Jack!) and today she is graduating from Nursing school. All part of her birthday month. I think of it as Claudia month, May 2008. And she is taking a bit of a break from school before going back for midwifery. Her contributions to the world are just beginning and I am so thankful to have the chance to see her fulfilling her dreams. Inspiring.

Well, that’s it. We love you. Are amazed by you and wish that we could give you hugs. Tio Claudia.

Here is a picture of Claudia, on the left, and Dara, on the right.Claudia and Dara

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Joyful, originally uploaded by the paessels.

My grandmother, Janeth Page, passed away on Thursday. I am so fortunate to have had a friendship with her. I stayed with her when I moved from California out here to Massachusetts and we have stayed in touch regularly since then.

I am most thankful that Aunt Pat and Grandma made it to mine and Noah’s wedding. Grandma and I had been talking about it and she just didn’t see how it could happen. And look, Aunt Pat just wouldn’t take that for an answer!

We have created a guest book for Grandma’s memorial service on Tuesday. You can access it at: http://paessel.com/janethpage

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bizarre, originally uploaded by tjkenn.

Noah’s family was up this weekend and gave Noah and me a vacation from Ada’s rigorous schedule. We did useful things like vacuumed the car, made a major dump run and paid some bills. We had some fun times like we went on a lunch date that included a walk into the hidden hinterlands of downtown Plymouth (we couldn’t see a house or telephone line or anything!)

And then…. after Ada was asleep…. Tom busted out his computer and you see the results here. A host of bizarre alter ego’s emerged. Noah isn’t just brawn, check out the size of that cranium!

Thanks Tom and Diane!

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Oh, I almost forgot.

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Well, we are starting our potty experiments. So far…ONE pee in the potty. Several on the floor and that other unmentionable…on the floor. On the other hand she LOVES sitting on her little throne and will spend 20 minutes reading books just hanging out. We’re on our way!

For those who are curious, I found this book called Early-Start Potty Training by Linda Sonna. We’re giving it a go. The biggest thing is that diapers have really really really made her totally surprised when she pees. She just has no idea that she is letting loose the floods. So we’re having lots of naked time. And everyone is glad that it is getting warmer.

Also, as I’ve been doing my research on various things (like a training potty for example) I’ve been coming across both blogs and giveaways! It is hard not to enter when the giveaway is for something that you would like to buy anyway. And the worst is that we won the very first giveaway that we entered: a nice toddler cookbook. Fun times ahead! But I digress, blogs. There is a totally great blog out there called Z Recommends. There are helpful product reviews and thorough articles, for example on BPA and its widespread use in plastic eating and drinking containers.

Wulp. Ada is napping but she’s due to wake up any minute and then it is the dinner flurry. Have a great dinner and weekend!

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Happy Belated Birthday from all of us in sleepy Carver. I hope that you are enjoying your rockin’ birthday party. I heard ALL about that great Caesar salad that you are eating and pasta? My belly chimes are ringing!

Well we, Noah, Ada and I, all send you big hugs and want to tell you that we love you to the moon and back.

Happy Big day!



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Okay… now I am getting into this movie thing. Hold on everyone! I’m going to start posting much more often.

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Phew! So much for posting once a month.

Hi Everyone. In the last month or so lots has happened on the Ada front. She is walking lots and lots. She is dancing. And I mean DANCING. Someone’s cell phone went off and she started wiggling around. You just can’t stop her. She is now napping regularly. It was pretty tough getting to this place but we’re here for the moment and so thankful. And she is sleeping about 12 hours at night. She has weaned herself and is a decent eater and a decent drinker. Thank goodness!

Oh, parenthood is good.

It is strange but it is almost like she had to wean me of nursing. I have really enjoyed those quiet times with her. She would play with my hair and we would have little games that we only played when she was nursing. I guess I also have some weird ingrained idea that mom’s nurse. So, am I still a mom? Maybe when she gives up dirtying her diapers we can evaluate this question again.

ok. words. We think that her next project is language. Her oldest word is “Hi” said in a singsong voice. But she has added “oof oof” for dog and a screech for cat and “iiiyye” for eye (though she points at her ears but at our eyes, go figure?) Then she has her own words that we don’t know what they mean: “minna minna”

Neko. Ada has become fascinated with Neko’s tail. I certainly have been before so who can blame her? We’ve been pushing the “gentle” thing but nonetheless there have been a few moments. Unfortunately Ada just hasn’t put two and two together yet. And, to make it worse, Neko shakes her tail in Ada’s face just looking for attention. But, as you can see, over all they both really dig each other. Of course, Ada is firmly holding both of Neko’s ears in this picture.

Recently Ada has been bringing me random clothes and asking for them on over whatever she is wearing for the day. Yesterday was pajamas on for lunch today was sweater upon sweater and then she discovered one of my dresses from when I was 5 or 6 and insisted on wearing it. Pretty cute and nice.

And, you’ll never believe that someone actually told me how much she looks like me today! I was flabbergasted. Well, I guess she’s mine after all.

Quick notes:

We are using Noah’s flickr page now. http://flickr.com/photos/knowuh and I’m going to try to get a few movies up on youtube so that everyone can enjoy her dancing skills. As you can see, I am not completely tech savvy so this blog is pretty bare bones. But just you wait, someday my tech support (aka noah) will make everything all pretty.

’til then.

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