We’ve decided to keep a personal wish list. Mostly for ourselves so that when we find some new wonderful thing we won’t forget about it and a little bit for our families who mostly live so far away that they often appreciate a little insight into what we like or are into just now. Feel free to use this list as a gateway to making fun of our taste, as inspiration, as a conversation starter or even just ignore it completely. It is all good.

Two top baby picks, always?
clothes. Ada is mostly wearing 24 month or 2T clothes right now, though the vary so much, she is still in some 18 month, especially for pants and will be for the next year or so I predict. Shoe size about 5 but you never know, she may be size 6 before we know it.

Other items:
scan pan
wooden play kitchen
Munchie Mug
foot stool that rocks with rocking chair
step stool for the bathroom for Ada
floor lamp
your original artwork
twin organic mattress

Very cool stores:

Stubby Pencil Studio
Magic Cabin

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