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Nothing since November! You’d think that we were busy being pregnant, almost two and in a hectic job. Of course, you would be right.

And now we are all taking it “easy” at home. Thanks Linden for the excuse to slow down. We are so pleased to announce the birth of our little sapling tree, Linden Charles Paessel. He is a love and growing quickly. The stats:

Born December 30, 2008 at 10:01 pm

7 lbs. 14 oz. and 21 inches long

By the time I finally went into labor it was nearly 10 days past his official due date and 4 days past his expected due date. I was VERY pregnant and VERY uncomfortable. Noah’s mother, Diane, came to stay with us on the 20th and stayed until Linden was home. Ada, of course, was in heaven and in love. She didn’t need me or Noah and was even happier when Poppa Tom came too. Thankfully this meant that I had time to catch up on my sleep and a break from chasing after a toddler. I didn’t realize how exhausted I had been!

Finally on Monday night (12/29) I started having contractions. Nothing too exciting, mind you but just enough that I could finally say that something appeared to be happening. Accordingly Noah and I went right to sleep so that we’d be ready for the marathon ahead. Unfortunately Linden decided that he was going to practice kick boxing between each contraction. So there was no sleep for me or baby that night. By the morning I was still warming up to being in labor (I’m a slow poke you see) but we decided to go to the hospital and labor there so that Ada and Diane could have the run of the house.

It turns out that there were three of us in labor that day. All day. I believe that I was the last to deliver, lucky me. I was 2 cm. dialated when we got in. Not really all that much for a whole night of being relaxed. So we took it easy, called in for hospital food ( oh, boy!) and RELAXED. At least as much as you can with contractions and a phenomenal tandem backache. But what really got us where we needed to be was the bath. So I took two. Two very long baths.

Jacuzzi bathtub with a big air pillow type thing that buoyed me up. It was GREAT! Ok, not that great, I fully expected all the back pain to go away and to be riding on the contraction waves. But no, if anything it was all stronger. But productive. By the time my midwife had finished a very long day at the office (about 8:30 pm) I was finally 6 cm. dialated. She broke my water at 8:45 pm and a rather intense hour and a quarter later, Linden was born. He promptly peed and pooped on me and soon after made his first successful latch to bring on the milk. Good boy!

I must have been really tired because my body wasn’t stopping bleeding fast enough so I needed to have a shot of pitocin to make sure that everything started contracting more quickly. It worked, thank goodness, and here we are. We’re still getting used to having a little boy. Every now and again Noah or I will call him some girl pronoun and I still need to get used to checking his diaper and not assuming that his scrotum means there is something that needs cleaning. He is beautiful and pretty sleepy and a very good nurser. He has all his fingers and toes, his belly button is healing nicely, he has the sweetest little divet on his ear and is gaining weight like a champ.

Just as we were coming home, Ada came down with a nasty cold. Cough, sneezing, tired, etc. So we had to keep the two of them separate for about a week. That was tough. I totally missed my little girl. Now they are sharing hugs and kisses. Ada is learning to be gentle. She is not learning to let sleeping babies sleep. We are enjoying our new level of family.

I must say that birthing babies has been an adventure. I feel totally fortunate that I have been supported by my friends and family and especially Noah and Louise (our midwife) that I have had two natural births. Though neither was a walk in the park, I feel really good about how things went, that I was able to trust my body and trust my coaches and that both babies were born slowly and gently. And they got out somehow! How amazing! We are so glad to have our two little healthy, happy peanuts.

We are looking forward to sharing them with you.

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