Ada is talking a whole lot

helicopter! from Paessel Family on Vimeo

Mushroom Mambo

After seeing this Ted talk by Paul Stamets about the humble mycelium, I started to pay more attention to fungus. I am not sure if it is also the weather right now, but our yard is literally bursting at the seams with all kinds of fungus. So Today I went on a photo expedition. I am not sure how many different varieties are in our yard at the moment. The photos are all up on our flickr site.

If any one out there knows anything about fungus, it would be cool to learn which varieties these are.

We watch Ada, and tell her to never touch them. But they are pretty:




Salmon for dinner!

I go through phases where I just can’t bear to imagine another meal, cook it, and then…eat it. I know, I really am a wimp sometimes. Anyway, when I find something that works and is delicious I’ve gotten better about writing the recipes down. Here is tonight’s dinner for 2 with enough for Ada to pick at.
1 lb.  wild salmon, cut into two pieces
1 leek sliced super thinly I use the entire thing because it is YUMMY

3 Tbs. chopped olives (I used kalamata olives)

salt n pepper
1 tsp. olive oil

1 Tbs. Boursin

First: Preheat the oven and a baking sheet to 400.

Then: Cut two pieces of parchment paper about 16 inches long. Fold in half. Now pile half the leeks “below the fold” on each piece of parchment paper. Rinse the salmon, pat dry, sprinkle a little salt and pepper and drizzle the olive oil over it. Place the salmon on top of the leeks. Crumble the boursin and scatter over the salmon. Top with the olives and you are ready to go.

Fold the parchment into packets. Roll the edges to create a seal (you are trying to preserve the steam that will ultimately cook everything) they usually look like half moons when I am done.

Put your packets in the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes. Open your packet to check that the fish is completely cooked before serving everyone’s meal. mmmm, delicious!

This is a super quick meal with sides of cous cous for everyone. I am a notorious recipe hacker so experiment with the vegs and herbs and type of fish. Make sure that everything will cook fairly quickly so shredding vegetables or parboiling them first will help. I’ve heard this type of dish recommended for picnics because it keeps the food hot and for fancy meals because the presentation is so fun.

Well, enjoy your supper.