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Well, if you haven’t guessed yet, Ada is one big grown up girl. She is walking, expressive grunting and giggling up a storm. Way too cool. She is learning many things right now. The most exciting one is that she is learning how to put herself to sleep. Ah, such bliss for the parents! She is also learning that she has knees. This is a good reminder, everyone should hike up their pants and take a good long look at their knee. This is a fabulous and under-appreciated piece of our anatomy. You just never know when her overalls will be up to her thighs and she will pinch her knee with that far away look in her eyes. A parent can’t help but think, “what the heck is she thinking about?”

What else? Well, she is learning to coyly back into the fireplace with a huge grin on her face as I tell her “no”, she has learned that you must blow on your food before you eat it (this includes oatmeal, noodles and cold cereal too), she has learned that dogs and sheep have the most worthwhile languages to learn and that slow nodding is an artform.

In short, Ada is one years old and a joy.

We had a little birthday party for her and for her Nana Diane chez Paessel. It was a nice time. Al, Dona, Tom, Diane, Ada, Noah and I were there. And, per Al’s suggestion, so was one of these cakes where they place a photograph on top with food coloring. So cute. Ada had a kanten (vegan jello) with banana’s in it. That was fine but she was really struck by the candles. I don’t think that she was expecting that or had ever seen anything like that before. Oh the things we take for granted!

The grandmother’s really pulled through this birthday. Amongst other things my mom sent an adorable rain coat and Ada looks like a flower in it! Diane has been outdoing herself with the most incredible handmade dolls and dragons and kitties. What a lucky girl Ada is!

As an aside….check out our new website! it is a pretty good time.

There are a few new pictures of our house on my (Hannah’s) flickr page. So if you are eager to have a vicarious tour of our house then take a look. On the other hand, why don’t you just come over and hang out and see it for yourself? We’d love to have you anytime.

Till later…..

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