bye bye beautiful cottage

bye bye beautiful cottage, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve finally moved and are settling into our new house. It feels good. Like it is going to be our home. I always wondered if I would feel like I was living in someone else’s house when we finally bought one, but I don’t know if this is just the right house for us or home ownership brings a special quality. I like to think that it is the right house for us.

There will, undoubtedly be many pictures forthcoming of our new home. There are a few up on flickr already. But I wanted to take a moment and say farewell to our beautiful little cottage. Here we are, sitting in the empty living room, tired, dirty and anxious to leave.

Even so, it was a special place for us. I moved there five years ago and got a chance to be independent Hannah living in the magical woods of New England. It was everything that I dreamed of. I gained confidence in swimming in the pond there and worked on a quilt inspired by the forest. I also met my feline roommates Neko and Gray. Then, Noah moved in. He met his roommates Hannah, Neko and Gray. And we created a home together in our cozy house. Baked bread, planned our wedding, took walks… Then Ada moved in and met her family Noah, Hannah and Neko (Gray sadly disappeared at the same time as a coyote was spotted in the area). I know that I have been shaped by the calmness and beauty of that spot, it has been a place of beginnings for us. And…luckily! We still have friends there to visit upon occasion.

Well, thanks Powder Horn Pond.