Here are my TEETH, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Well, for those of you who couldn’t get over the fact that the last picture didn’t actually include any teeth in it, here is one that should do the trick. They are sharp pearly whites, though she has been fairly polite so far.

We were at Diane and Tom’s for Thanksgiving, another TERRIFIC spread. This year there was a real shift to mostly vegetarian dishes which made for some new traditions. Luckily the delmonico potatoes were still a big hit. And Diane made me (but of course really everyone) a DElicious pumpkin cheesecake. Thank you!

I’m still getting over a crazy cold and Noah is fighting it as well, so we were extra thankful to have a whole crowd to entertain Ada. Of course, that meant that she didn’t sleep all day, but she was happy!

Our house purchasing project is in full swing and we’re gearing up for this Thursday when we will flex our best signatures and drop them willy nilly on many papers full of in depth lawyer speak. Ah….the joy! And then we will go to our new house and all crawl around and shriek for awhile. At least that is my plan.

What else? Well, Noah is a super pizza chef and we ate well tonight. Mark, Kirsten, Paul and Ella Atchison were over for dinner and it was joyous, wild and sometimes loud! A few highlights included Ella and Ada’s teamwork finding, opening, spreading and then eating a container of oatmeal. I have to say that they really do work well together. Next time perhaps the task will be a bit more useful and a lot cleaner. But who am I kidding?

The second highlight is that Ella walked for the first time! We all saw it, there are many witnesses, she is a walking fool and ever so very proud of herself. Ada is probably not too far behind and then these dinners will become ever so much more, how to say…, active. I suppose.

Well that is our news. sleep sleep sleep now.

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Ada has a new tooth!, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Yes, I know that is uncharacteristic for me to write twice in a row but….. ADA HAS HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!

She has been sticking her tongue out and wiggling it around for weeks now. We thought she was just being creative, cute and letting her wacky side loose. Perhaps she has been, but she was also hearlding in the spiky little white thing.

Her sense of humor has been coming out full force. She cracks herself up and she loves it when I copy her little noises or head movements. Then we end up giggling together. You should have heard her and Noah playing this morning all the shrieks and laughter made me feel like I was at the circus!

Hopefully her sense of humor will sustain her through our little adventure coming up this week. I am presenting (along with a few others) at the New England Museum Association’s annual meeting up in Portsmouth, NH. Our friends, Kirsten and Ella are coming with me and Ada so that she has some entertainment while I am in the hall. Unfortunately the talk is scheduled during her nap time. Maybe she’ll just have so much fun playing with Ella that she won’t notice how tired she is. That is how it works? Right?

Well, that is all for now. See you all later!

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Well, it has finally happened. We have finally found a house to buy that would entice us away from our little gnome cottage in the woods. It is hard to believe but I am actually excited. There are all the usual hurdles to overcome yet but we plan on closing on 11/29. A month! Oh my.

Needless to say Noah and I have been busy. And obviously Ada has been busy too. She is such a sweet cutie, she moans for joy when we pick Noah up from the commuter train and she snuggles in the morning when she wakes up and does all other cuteness the day long. She isn’t standing or walking yet but she is a purist when it comes to crawling, and a little mechanical.

Oh…busy, right. Busy finding the hot water heater, pulling out our CD’s, petting the cat, exploring her (the cat’s) claws and eating eating eating. She keeps us on our toes and is a constant reminder of the limitations of this sweet little home. I’ll try to post a picture of the house next time I’m there. In the meantime check out my flickr page for a few new pictures. (click link under picture below) sorry to be so lazy but Ada is happily quiet in the other room which could only mean trouble and we are off to process flip book orders.

Hope everyone is happy and well. till next time., ., ,

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