Uncle Ben’s angle on things, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

for those of you who haven’t met Ben yet, this is Ben. My bro. We go way back. In fact, back 19 years. Happy Birthday love!

It was such a treat to spend more time with him this visit. Ada was instantly in love. but who wouldn’t be? And they are both so very photogenic.

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All dressed up, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Well, we just got home from an extended trip out west. This picture was taken in Ada’s favorite hotel room on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We were there for our friends, Phil and Isabella’s, wedding. Which was beautiful and memorable. Let me just say Polynesian dancers, a superb 6 or 7 course dinner and a lovely wedding by the beach. Noah and I had orchids at our wedding by Phil and Isabella had ORCHIDS at theirs. It was beautiful and Ada had her first baby sitting experience. We felt like grown ups.

Between the wedding and visits to my family in California, Ada and I were gone over 2 weeks! Noah 1.5 weeks. And ever so many time zone changes. The little miss did extremely well. She was the life of every party, charmed her aunties and uncles and every airplane passenger that we met. Gosh that is hundreds of people! Click on the link above to more of my photos up on flickr. If you look in my contacts you will find more pictures of this visit than you could look at in an hour. My brother Asa and my sister Dara have posted those. So…get to it!

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