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So here is the big news…Ada learned how to crawl. Just over the weekend she tested the waters, then she crawled/dragged herself over all the pillows on our bed. So naps are now relegated to her bed only. Then she did the next trick of pulling herself up in her bed so… we lowered the bed. A lot of changes for one day.

Now she is a confident crawler and we are starting to get an idea of what she wants, how badly and what she is willing to crawl over to get it. For example, she has been heading for the swiffer. Over and over and over and over.

You can see how the girls have grown up. Ella is a great sitter and eating solids heartily. Ada is hot and cold for solids, can’t sit up and will crawl/bulldoze over pretty much anything. It is amazing how different and similar they are. They are great and really beginning to like spending time together.

Hold on to your hats everyone! Ada is one physical girl!

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Ada gave a resounding YES! We flew to Asheville, NC a couple weeks ago to visit my dad (her Grandpa) and we all had a great time. Our flights were delayed both directions so we all had a couple of extra long days. Ada was a trooper on the planes though. She nursed intently during take-off and landing and fell asleep more often than not. So did my arm.

Ada learned to play the piano and eat watermelon and Noah and I had excellent acupuncture treatments. My new tactic is to carefully avoid looking at the needles and then I’m fine.

Asheville is a terrific town by the way. Great grocery stores, tailgate markets (known as farmer’s markets in my home towns) and lots of good music. Plus it is in the Appalachian mountains and beautiful!

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It has been far too long since I’ve written. And I have a million entries in mind. First off, the all important baby clothes. Diane, or Nana, has been whipping up a storm of great clothes. Cute capri’s, sweet dresses and color coordinated hats. They have been perfect for the heat of summer and Ada just loves her outfits which do triple duty as toys and the occasional teether.

She’s little, huh?

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