That savvy kid

Yeah! That’s right!, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Okay, one more entry today. (as soon as I learn how to send multiple pictures from Flickr to this blog, I’ll be in business. Just be glad that I do this at all!)

Ada amazes us every day. I know that every kid does this to every parent but we are having so much fun watching her develop. She started rolling over from her back onto her belly some time ago. Now she is adept at both directions and is actually pushing herself up with her hands and feet. Isn’t she a little young to almost be crawling? She snuffles across the bed using her head as a plow and pushing with her feet. Ridiculous and totally cute, of course!

What else? Well, she has started sucking her thumb. She doesn’t do it to soothe herself to sleep or anything just to suck it sometimes. Ok. She has been groaning a lot recently. I think that she is just testing out her vocal cords but it is hilarious!

She is also a nature girl. Are any of you really surprised? She gets cranky when we don’t take our walk each day and she is calm and alert while we are walking. She looks at any sounds from the woods and loves to reach out and touch pine branches and oak leaves and grass. I’ve put her feet in the pond a few times. She is still withholding judgement on that one!

For those of you (Helene) who made it known that I should beware of my young’un sleeping 8-10 hours a night: you should know that she has kicked the habit and is now sleeping for 4-6 hours and with progressively shorter stints as we move towards morning. This is ok but we sure did get spoiled there for awhile.

So that is the update. More to come. I wonder if I’ll ever take another picture again that doesn’t include this little looker?

American Gothic Baby style

American Gothic Baby style, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

A few weeks ago my mother called on Wednesday to see if she could drop in on Thursday. What a great surprise! You should all know that this is no small feat as my mother lives in California. But we were lucky that while visiting her mother in Virginia she was able to take a few days and come up to spend some quality time with us (really Ada).

It was so sweet to see Ada take to her immediately. She started giggling and wiggling and grinning at her grandma right away. Maybe she remembered meeting her during her first two weeks of life. Or maybe it is a family thing?

I put forward my best efforts to stop Gramma from talking in intense baby talk, Ada was in love either way. Lots more pictures of the two of them on my flickr. Enjoy!

Hmm… Poppa thinks I am a puppet

Hmm… Poppa thinks I am a puppet, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Noah’s first father’s day was spent, appropriately, at his mother’s house in Easthampton, MA. It involved lots of chocolate, strawberries and Ada snuggles.

You all should know that Noah is a fabulous Poppa. I mean really, a man who actually truly looks forward to every diaper change is made of real Poppa material.

Despite his long days in Boston and the fact that Ada’s best moments do not come after 7 pm, they are having great times together and she just totally loves him. His evil plans of teaching her to tickle me so that he doesn’t have to break our non-tickle pact is of course dark and maniacle, but the way they are going I had better watch out for myself!