So serious

Now I can do anything!, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Amazing, I took this picture a week or two ago and already she is so much more grown up. She still doesn’t feel really comfortable in this chair (it is cool, it helps the non-sitter to sit!) but she doesn’t look so serious about it as she does here.

Winston Churchill anyone?

Winston Churchill anyone?, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Someone mentioned once that all babies resemble Winston Churchil at some point. this is one of many of Ada’s Churchill moments.

Auntie with drool bucket

Auntie with drool bucket, originally uploaded by hpaessel.

Auntie Dara came to visit in the beginning of April. So long ago! Well, you can see that Ada just hunkered right down and made herself at home. She has become quite the drool factory.

So we’ve had fireworks this week

Really, as in real fireworks. Ok, our neighbors across the pond set some off the other night around midnight and tonight I am in a Bed and Breakfast in Brookline with Miss Ada sleeping and Noah travelling closer every minute on the train from New York. And…believe it or not, there were just some fireworks. What does this mean? I don’t know.

Anyway, Ada is beautiful and so sweet lately, she has been smiling at everyone. She now recognizes me with and without glasses, with sunglasses and even through the dirty car window with sunglasses. Brilliant. She has been singing all day, it sounds a bit more like a steady drone but she sings when she is happy and/or sleepy. this accompanied with her huge toothless grin is enough to make anyone forget what they are doing.

So, to confuse matters I have posted pictures on my flickr site as well. For ease of use I have gone ahead and included all sorts of useful links under the “about” tab to the right. That’s where you will find links to all of the relevant photo sites, and you won’t have to wait for me to figure out how to add a hyperlink in one of these posts. Should I add some other links? let me know!

Little Ada is not so little anymore. I’ve been going through her clothes and pulling out everything that is too small for her and putting in all the new clothes that are too big for her. Amazing how fast she is growing. And amazing how few times she wore most of those tiny clothes. Luckily we know many families who are just dying to get rid of tons of cute clothes from their big kids. We have avoided any major shopping sprees which is perfect since you all know what avid shoppers Noah and I are.

Our house is in process of being painted for the first time in over 25 years. So Ada and I have had to get creative about her nap times (of course NOW she’s decided that she needs them.) We’ve gone to our neighbors house, we’ve gotten the painters to work on the other side of the house, napped at friend’s houses and the other day Noah stayed home from work and we all napped in a park. Why not?

Well, I am rambling and I had better take advantage of Ada’s first sleep (the long one). Hope you all are well. you can see that we are. Talk with you soon!