So, we have been watching Ada grow up in leaps and bounds over the last few days. She has jumped the hurdle of seemingly random brief smiles to large reactionary grins for things we do, say or show her. She is getting lovelier every moment. Right now she is having some back time staring at her bunny toy with Papa. Today is the first day we have bothered to bring any toys out. At dinner last night we improvised with an impressive apple and banana. She thought they were okay. Especially when the banana bonked the apple.

She had some tummy time earlier and enjoyed eating the mat as well as figuring out that her hands might help to give her head room to move. And speaking of hands, she has started staring at her’s. Especially the left one. and she gets a kick out of it when we touch the hand that she is contemplating.

Did I mention that she slept over 8 hours last night and the night before? We like this being parents thing.

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We’ve had a busy month, lots of visitors, including Auntie Lily and Great-Grandma Beverly. Ada has been working on her smile and building up her chubby cheeks. We had a little scare a few weeks ago when her doctor thought that she wasn’t gaining any weight. Luckily it turned out that his scale simply needed to be calibrated. Now Ada is over 9 1/2 lbs. Good work Ada!

Noah and I have been experimenting with actually dressing the little girl. I mean in outfits, we’ve always done the clothes thing…except when she takes a bath or completely soils her outfits. And during this process we discovered girl baby clothes. As you can tell, we have a favorite outfit. She could care less but puts up with us pretty well. We’ve been so lucky to be showered with really nice baby clothes both used and new.

So…you should check out all of the beautiful and cute and downright interesting pictures that noah posted on flickr. noah’s flickr page and at tom’s flickr page

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