Here is a little documentation. Though pretty small, this baby belly still is surprisingly pregnant like! I keep wishing that I could capture a little movie of the baby kicking, it does a good job of making visible earthquakes on my skin and can even sloshel my bathwater.
28 weeks pregnant

28 weeks pregnant. November 1, 2006

37 weeks

37 weeks pregnant, early Jan. 2007

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It all started one New Year’s Eve not so very long ago. I was visiting my friend Stacie Slotnick and we were at her friend’s party. And that is where I met Noah. Since this is not a blog about our sweet courtship but rather about the family that we have become…I will not go through the details of that year, but if you are really that interested, it is not too hard to get me or Noah to fill you in.

Today is the beginning of another New Year and we are excited that before very long we will be joined by a little baby Paessel. Well, actually, that baby is already making its presence known as my sleep patterns can attest to! Regardless Noah and I have been talking about how to let our family and friends be more connected to all the joys and discoveries and frustrations that will be coming our way on a daily basis from now on. (ok. so they’ll just be coming faster, they’ve always been there.)

So this is my hope for this New Year. That I will get over a little of my aversion to sitting in front of the computer and will buck up and start posting entries here. oh, and lots of pictures!

All of your encouragement will only help this poor Hannah keep her hope alive. So, let me know what you think!

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