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Noah Paessel

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Sep 11 2014 – Visualizing Plymouth County racism

What I learned about my county's demographics from US population data has caused a small interruption in my work day. Intellectually I have always known the story this data told me, but seeing the data in a map was shocking. Shocking enough to merit a few minutes to share.

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Mar 2 2014 – ISO & HEX GraphPaper PDF downloads

Recently I became interested in tessellation, tiling, "Wall paper groups", and grids.

My ongoing research has taken me down a multitude of fascinating rabbit holes. One side-effect of this research: I made some tessellation grid PDF documents ( AKA Graph paper) to share with the world.

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Nov 10 2008 – SNIF Tag Launches

I just wanted to tell everyone that has launched, and we are shipping products!! This is a big moment for me, and for SNIF Labs.

For the last three years, I have been working at SNIF Labs, a Boston startup developing a revolutionary...

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