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Noah Paessel

★ ISO & HEX GraphPaper PDF downloads ★

Knowuh's twitch: Mar 2 2014

Recently I became interested in tessellation, tiling, "Wall paper groups", and grids.

My ongoing research has taken me down a multitude of fascinating rabbit holes. One side-effect of this research: I made some tessellation grid PDF documents ( AKA Graph paper) to share with the world.

Need to draw a 3D sketch? I got you covered! Need some grids for some role-playing or miniatures games? Check. Want to make some repeating patterns? I have your tessellation grids right here!

I love making these, so if you have some grids or guides you want me to make, drop a comment. I can't guarantee I will make you one, but chances are pretty good.

Heres what I have so far:

Hexagonal Grid (good for miniature maps and pattern making): - black - blue - white

Square Grid (the boring stuff): - black - blue - white

Equilateral isometric & axonometric grids (draw something 3d!): - black - blue - white

I started down this road because I was curious about optimal circle packing. That led me to regular hexagons and tessellations, Moorish tiles and wall paper groups – basically formal classification of two-dimension repetitive patterns based on symmetries, which still has my mind reeling. There is a lot more exploring to do, time permitting.

The most compelling Wall paper groups to my mind were in the P3 or P6 classifications, composed of equilateral triangles, and regular hexagons.

There is something magic about six equilateral triangles revolved around a common vertex. But I haven't quite worked out what it is yet. Hopefully more on that soon as time permits.